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how to share tissue or blood across countries and be able to analyze those specimens?" Lucci said. "Those are things that need to be worked out in the future."Another issue, he said, is the physical examination of patients."One of the difficulties wit▓h telemedicine is you can't do physical ▓exams, so we have to rely on our colleagues to relay the findings to us," he said. "But the most



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t thing is that we d▓evelop standards of care."Despite the challe▓nges, both Lucci and Bukowski value the business opportunities in China, saying that by closely wo▓rking with Chinese physicians, the U.S-China colla▓boration on telemedicine can be benefi▓cial for both."Nowadays, Chinese physicians are coming to the MD Anderson Cancer Center on weekly basis," said Lucci, adding that more exchang


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    es between t▓he two countries would promote the development of telemedicine business.Please scan the QR Co▓de to follow us on InstagramPlease scan t▓he QR Code to follow us on WechatChina's MA700 turboprop regional plane to enter market by

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    2021China's MA700 turboprop regional plane to enter market by 2021China's MA700 turboprop r▓egional plane to enter market by 202105-18-2018 21:22 BJTBEIJING -- China's MA700 plane, a hig▓h-speed turboprop regional aircraft currently in▓ dev

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    elopment, is expected to enter the market by 2021, said its developer on Friday.The MA700 is now ▓in the detailed design phase, said the state-ow▓ned Aviation Industry Corporation of Chin▓a (AVIC).AVIC XAC Commercial Aircraft (AVIC XACC) is

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    aiming for a maiden flight by the MA700 by 2019 a▓nd for the aircraft to receive the type certificate ▓(TC) from civil aviation authorities by 2021, said AVIC.The turboprop regional plane is designed for economic efficiency, high speeds and a

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    daptabilit▓y in airports and air routes.The MA▓700 is part of China's plan to develop two trunk je▓tliners and two regional aircraft, wi▓th the other models being the C919 narrow-body, CR▓929 wide-body and ARJ21 regional aircraft.To date, it

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    has received 185 intended orders from 11 domestic and foreign customers.Please scan the QR Code to foll▓ow us on InstagramPlease scan the Q▓R Code to follow us on WechatGlobal warehouse roboti▓cs market to hit 5 bln USD by 2023Global warehous

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    e r▓obotics market to hit 5 bln USD by 2023Global warehouse robotics market to hit 5 bln▓ USD by 202305-18-2018 14:34 BJTSAN FRANCISCO -- T▓he global warehouse robotics market is expected to grow by 11.6 percent in the next five years to rea

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    c▓h 5.186 billion U.S. dollars by 2023, a market research agency said Thursday.In a report on worldwide warehouse robotics market opportunities a▓nd forecast for upcoming five years, market analysis agency Allied Market Research (AMR) said

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▓e-commerce as an industry vertical is expecte▓d to dominate the global warehouse robotics market from 2017 to 2023.Warehouse robotics are designed to▓ perform such functions as pick-placing, packaging, transportation, packaging, and pelletizing.North America

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